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a home for the creative mind

1050sq. foot studio

Imagine.Create. Grow.

Tucked away in the famed industrial south east of London. This beautiful 1050 square foot converted warehouse studio, has fast become a favourite with creatives looking for a space to bring their projects to life. From clients such as MTV to small student films and magazine submissions. We welcome all projects to create in this beautiful, versatile space.

The studio features:

-high ceilings

-giant south facing industrial windows

-wood beam floors

-lounge area

-upcycled wooden desks

-various colorama backdrops

-full professional flash lighting set up. 
-Upstairs kitchenette area

-industrial lift and loading dock

-free parking



Kit included: 

Choice of 14 Coloramas 
Backdrop stand 
2x Elinchrom BRxi 500 flash heads 
2x RX4 heads (hs compatible) 
Elinchrom hi-speed skyport plus trigger 
lighting stands 
1 heavy duty boom arm light stand. 
1 x Elinchrom 190cm giant indirect Elinchrom Octa 
1x Elinchrom 90cm Deep Oct 
2 x Elinchrom rotalux softboxes 
1 x Elinchrom Beauty Dish (silver + diffusion material) 
1x Snoot 
1 open head 
1 wide angle 95 degree reflector 
Foam boards (black/white/silver) 

1x tri-
an assortment of reflectors 
Sand Bags 

extras available :

milano grey muslin
Sony a7
Sony FE 85mm lens
Sony Zeiss 55mm lens
Sony 35mm FE


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